New Customer Info

Below is some basic information for newer customers and requirements. Please contact DPKCS for more information.

Domain Transfer

If we are transferring domains from a different registrat, below is some information and required steps to submit a Domain Transfer

The email address on the info must be valid. Go to your current registrar and find out who the admin contact is. Note: if you change registrar information there is a 60 day delay in allowing a transfer to occur. If you only change the email address, it should not be an issue.

Unlock your domain. Performed at your current registrar.

Get Authorization Code. At your current registrar, there should be an option to get the authorization code. It will be sent to the email address of the current registrant. Once you receive this, please forward the authorization code on to DpkCs.

Once all this is complete, let DPKCS know and we will submit the transfer. After DPKCS submits, the current admin contact will receive an email and they will have to forward that on to DPKCS.

Email Accounts

Send DpkCs the list of email accounts. A domain transfer may be required which can be accomplished at DpkCs may be required to host web site as well.

Web Hosting

Domain Registration


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